euroArt conference

euroart is an organization of the European arto colonies and residencies, whose main activity is preserving and re-discovering the impact that the art colonies of the late 19th – early 20th century had on the development of impressionism…

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Festival programme

Here’s the festival programme The Island of Culture invites you: from 10 to 17 July, the 25th International…

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The Jubilee Thomas Mann Festival Will Invite You to Look Beyond Temporary Challenges

A festival named after Thomas Mann, the grandmaster of German literature, that is held in Nida every mid-summer,…

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The topic of 25th Thomas Mann Festival in Nida

Cultural Landscapes is the title of the festival cycle that is currently taking place. Under this term of…

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Nida Forum “Tear Down This Wall”

Tear Down This Wall Already at the first Nida Forum, devoted to what we called “The Migraine of…

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