27th International Thomas Mann Festival “Cultural Landscapes. Stranger”

16 July, 6 p.m. Museum of the History of the Curonian Spit

Opening of the exhibition

The exhibition presents for the first time the drawings of the German painter, graphic artist, illustrator and expressive realist Paul Kuhfuß (1883-1960). From 1931 to 1944, the artist travelled annually to the Baltic coast together with the painters Max Pechstein and Otto Nagel, but often alone. Small fishing villages were replaced by unpretentious seaside resorts, and thick sketchbooks filled with fragments of the unfamiliar everyday life on the coast. The drawings, left behind like a visual memory in a timeless sand matrix, tell of a life by the sea full of work and quiet beauty.

Curators of the exhibition: Jelena Kosinova, Kristina Jokubavičienė.

Exhibition organiser:
VšĮ Nidden