Ludvik Reza Prize for Prof. Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

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Biggest congratulations to Professor Ruth Leiserowitz, appointed 2019 Ludvik Reza Culture and Art Prize for active and creative activities in the field of scientific research and cultural development significant for the Curonian Spit and the cultural traditions of Lithuania Minor (Prussian Lithuania)!!!

The prize will be awarded in 2020. January 11 At Juodkrante Evangelical Lutheran Church to commemorate Martin Ludwig Reza's birthday.

When Thomas Mann Cultural Center was established in Nida in 1995, Prof. Ruth Leiserowitz became one of the first researchers at the Center (1996-1999), already contributing to the Center as a venue for intensive cultural exchanges in the Baltic Sea Region. Since 2009 Prof. Ruth Leiserowitz is the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the International Thomas Mann Cultural Center, which provides the free patronage of the Thomas Mann Cultural Center. Eleven Thomas Mann festivals have been held during this period, attracting a wealth of professional culture lovers to Nida every year.